Save money during the holidays and buy that dream home in the New Year

The holidays can put a dent in your savings and set back any big investments—like buying a house. Follow some of these holiday money-saving tips to keep your finances in the green through the New Year:

Instead of buying gifts for everyone on your list:

  • Host a gift exchange for big groups, like family and coworkers
  • Consider buying group gifts rather than individual gifts for families, like a zoo membership or movie tickets
  • Give homemade treats as gifts, like fudge, truffles, cookies or jams and jellies
  • Make a donation to a worthy cause in a friend or family member's name
Holiday Presents

It's possible you could also lower ongoing monthly expsenses by eliminating your PMI payment or challenging your tax assessment. Contact us to learn how knowing the true value of your home in today's market can save you money.

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Make the most of your gift budget:

  • Agree on a spending limit for gifts for friends and family and stick to it
  • Use cash and leave your credit cards at home to prevent overspending
  • If you know you won't be able to pay cash for everything, use a single low-interest credit card for purchases—you can easily keep track of track what you need to pay off, and it won’t rack up too much interest in the meantime
  • Only ship presents to out-of-town friends and family you won’t see anytime soon—otherwise, hand-deliver your gifts and letters to save money on postage
  • If gifts are cheaper online than in the store, buy them online and have them shipped directly to the recipient
  • Subscribe to emails from your favorite online merchants for holiday coupons
  • For young children, quantity is often just as important as quality—wrap small, inexpensive items separately and include hand-me-down toys as gifts to fill space under the tree

Stretch your holiday dollar:

  • Save money on holiday meals by making them potluck-style and assigning each guest an item to bring
  • Instead of holiday gift wrap, buy solid-colored gift wrap in holiday colors such as green, red, or gold that can be used all year
  • To keep your electricity bill down, use a timer to turn outdoor lights on and off at designated hours
  • When traveling during the holidays, try to fly on the day of the actual holiday (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day)—it's usually cheaper and there are plenty of seats